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The Space Between 

As a child of severely visually impaired parents, tactility and physicality were considerably more prevalent in my upbringing than that of my contemporaries, although I wouldn’t learn this until much later. Ironically, I found passion in photography, a medium unconducive with those with sight loss. A combination of guilt and my desire to maintain a physical connection to my parents after moving out, led me to correspond by using postcards with braille overlayed on photos I had taken of my new surroundings. Knowing my parents would never fully appreciate photography, I planned to produce accessible art and an immersive experience. 


Art is often created exclusively for either a sighted or blind audience. By taking conventional photography to a third dimension, my work becomes universal and can be experienced by the entire audience regardless of their level of vision, either interpreting via the retina or fingertip.

Producing a 3D printed object allows my 'images' to be understood through touch. Aware of the limitations surrounding accessible images, I intend to research and develop this aspect of my project to enhance experience for all audiences. 

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